It is a wonderful book! I have already given copies to many of the young people in my life. The book underscores the family values that can be used as a reference manual throughout their lives.
— Sara Mackie, Executive Director, Institute for the Humanities
We hope you find this book to be a source of inspiration and knowledge for many years to come. As you continue to grow in body, mind and spirit, keep this book handy and refer to it often. May your future be filled with success and achievement.
— Archie E. McAfee, Executive Director, Texas Association of Secondary School Principals

Creating moments of  Acknowledgment and Encouragement.

The Handbook for Success is a little book of wisdom containing 52 simple life lessons for young people — a value-based foundation to help them make better choices, thrive in school and succeed in business and life.

The Handbook for Success is a first-of-its-kind student engagement tool. When passed from a teacher, parent or administrator to a young person, the Handbook creates a crucial moment of:

  • Connection
  • Acknowledgement for Graduation
  • Positivity
  • Encouragement
  • Leadership

The advice in the Handbook for Success is timeless, yet many of the young people have never had the benefit of words of wisdom like the Handbook contains.