When a police officer needs to build rapport with a young person who may need a little bit of assistance or guidance, this book provides a wonderful way to start a conversation.
— Chief Todd Radford, Lakeway, Texas
This handbook is a wonderful idea. When we come across kids, whether through our programs or on the street, this is a tool that can make a difference and build a bridge with the next generation. Our success depends greatly on being connected with the community in ways like this.
— Chief Bo Kidd, Buda, Texas

Creating moments of connection and encouragement.

The Handbook for Success is a little book of wisdom containing 52 simple life lessons for young people — a value-based foundation to help them make better choices, thrive in school and succeed in business and life.

For law enforcement, the Handbook for Success is a first-of-its-kind community engagement tool. When passed from a member of law enforcement to a young person, the Handbook creates a crucial moment of:

  • Connection
  • Positivity
  • Encouragement
  • Leadership

The advice in the Handbook for Success is timeless, yet many of the young people who find themselves in contact with law enforcement may have never had the benefit of words of wisdom like the Handbook contains.

The simple act of giving the book allows a law enforcement officer to be a positive influence, shift an interaction from confrontation to connection, open a lasting dialog with youth — and change both of their lives for the better.