Improving the Safety of our Communities and Schools   

Connecting Law Enforcement and Young People in an Environment of Mutual Trust and Respect


Signs of Connection

Why did I write the handbook?


I love my children and grandchildren and I realized that the best thing I could pass along to them was some of the lessons I learned from my family, friends and colleagues throughout the years. What developed was a set of lessons that could be read every day with space for reflection and an opportunity to add their own comments so they could give it to their children or grandchildren.

What started as a book for my grandchildren has become an eye opening way to not only connect with a young person but to provide a playbook for how to be a kind and successful person for the rest of their lives. I'm proud and encouraged to see law enforcement, educators and executives embrace this book as a tool to open a dialog and build relationships with the youth around them.

- William E. Hyche


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